levi’s fall


Levi Strauss & Co. Group Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Teambuilding, increasing “ High-Performance Winning Culture” , strengthening of feedback-culture and entrepreneurship


Country Leadership Team (C-Level Executives)


High ropes course – transition with intensive transfer- and teamorientation, challenging Full day-kayak-team-tour with specific teamtasks. Structured processing of results via team-pedagogical-exercises on Day 2


integration of new teammembers, strengthening openness and dialogue competence, processing areas of conflict, balancing trilogy of individual-/group- and topicorientation, enlarging competence for meta-reflection and –communication

Quote Torsten Widarzik (General Manager)
“consultilo has really helped us to improve our teamwork functionally and emotionally. Learning via outdoor-training is fascinating and significantly more efficient than „ classic“ indoor training – we are looking forward to our longterm business relationship and next training-events with consultilo!”

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