Management Training

management training, corporate training, leadership training, sales training – synonymies for success and efficiency. Your leadership team should motivate your team more professionally and establish top-performance? Your sales associates should work more effeciently?

Our multilingual trainings consist of state-of-the-art solution modules, which combine learning topics with most modern learning transfer- and coaching tools. We use Edutainment with practical, teamoriented tasks to increase learning-motivation – transforming the learning process to a real experience. Plus: consultilo workshops are designed to directly implement training results into daily business.

consultilo offers first-class, multilingual training-programs in the field of Sales, Leaderhip/Team, Service and Quality by partnering with LearnVision. Our integrated concept of training consulting, implementation and results orientation (ROI) leads to target oriented talent management with measurable success.

Outdoor Training

outdoor training, outdoor events und outdoor projects – progressive talentmanagement and teambuilding using all human senses. You and your team desire to take new paths to increase employee satisfaction, internal and external communication and ultimately your business success?

consultilo uses brand-new analogies from the field of sports-, fitness- and motivation to teambuild in its outdoor workshops, e.g. on a Geocaching or Rafting Tour.

In consultilo outdoor projects we reconfirm, renew and optimize content, processes and relationship areas – since business success is the result of excellent communication and teamwork.

Business Coaching

leadership coaching, executive coaching, business coaching – consultilo is your reflection- and sparring-partner for optimal leadership and self-steering.

You want to increase awareness for your role and leadership responsibility? Changes in your work environment demand for new ways in effective leadership?

consultilo opens new perspectives and strategies thru personal coaching for Top-Managers and Leaders. Depending on your individual needs consultilo offers individual or group coaching, moderation, High-Performance coaching and Work-Life Coaching.

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