Outdoor Training

Outdoor- concepts and implementations with consultilo are possible from a couple of hours to days and are also available at your „dreamlocation“, nationally and internationally.

Depending on the targets of your Outdoorevent we are jointly choosing forests, lakes or rivers, beaches or mountain-regions. Outdoor Trainings result in substantial and sustainable learnings, since many senses are activated and we work consciously with emotions.

Give it a try – or repeat your uncommon experiences and successes with consultilo!


Geocaching or GPS-Events are an innovative treasure-seeking-/scavenger-hunt-activity,
which is perfectly applicable for Teambuilding-Events or orientation-competitions.

The participant is using a pocket PC (Smartphone or designated Geocachedevice) which leads him to places, confirmes arrival via GPS and gives hints to the treasure search.

This offer is ideal for groups between 6 and 100 participants. Available for nearly every location and very customizable, Geocache-Events are currently our popular top-seller for Team-Events.

Geocaching-Events are a cost efficient and very attractive activity. Short or tall, young or old, sporty or relaxed, Geocaching is optimal to let a team learn from and within nature.

We gladly plan an individual tour for you where one teammember holds the device and is supported by the other teammates in finding the correct route and treasure – together with the right „business“-story this leads to an unforgettable great experience.

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