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+ moderation of kick-off regional meeting, diverse outdoor- and indoor- Teambuilding-measures


members of regional sales organization (associate to C-level executive)


+ mix of business-topics and soft-skill teambuilding with debriefing and working on teamexperiences
   via educational psychology tasks throughout the meeting
+ extensive, practical exchange of success models to focus strategic objectives


+ building and strengthening a common knowledge base for market development
+ integration of new team members and -groups
+ strengthening of openess and dialogue skills
+ exchange of success models and best-practices

Quote Dr. Hubert Staudt (Vorstand)
„In a strongly growing organisation we need frequent exchange of strategic success models.
consultilo helped and inspired us to build one overregional team  working jointly on our big audacious goals.
consultilos educational science tasks were ice-breaking and built a solid base for sustainable, successful, cross-regional teamwork.”

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