goetzpartners management consultants


Development of Soft-Skill Toolbox, Testing of Teambuilding-topics


members of Service Line Business Transformation Team (Associate Consultant to Managing Director)


Navigation-Orientation hike (Geocaching) with mountain cabin debriefing and working on teamexperiences via educational psychology tasks on day 2.
Comprehensive, practial Soft Skill Training using Edu-tainment; meaning participant oriented focus of presentation content, media and tasks thru a mix of education and entertainment


enlargement of management and consulting toolbox @ “soft management topics”
integration of new teammembers
strengthening of openess and dialogue skills
learning and training of measures to rise learning motivation with participants in consulting projects

Quote Armin Raffalski (Partner)
„Within international consulting projects Soft Skills are reaching “guarantor of success”- status. Consultants are not only expected to develop fact-based concepts but also to implement them with the customers associates.  Substantial Soft Skills are indispensable. Together with consultilo we have enlarged and extended these competences in a structured and focused way.“

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